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Lohrd Snohw – ‘Meet Me’ / New Single

Lohrd Snohw returns with new single ‘Meet Me’. This is the fourth single of 2021 from the Midlands artist. Not only does it prove she’s a productive bee, but also she’s not afraid to experiment with her already experimental sound.

While we’ve heard some caustic sounds from our Lohrdship so far this year, ‘Meet Me’ tones down the strange a little to provide a bit of a respite from the more out-there parts of her sound. Don’t get me wrong, I could listen to the vocal hook of ‘Call Me Deadly’ all day, but there’s something quite charming about ‘Meet Me’. It could be its wandering melodies. I get images of little Moomins trotting about their day in a world filled with colour and innocence. While the melodies seem to fade into the ether, they pique an interest and have a catchiness to them to keep you engaged throughout.

Once again, the vocals highlight Lohrd Snohw’s voice wonderfully. I really enjoy how often she utilises her vocals as another instrument, and ‘Meet Me’ sees them woven tightly within the bouncing synths. They fill up the space to create another instrumental that surrounds the mind in its noise.

‘Meet Me’ is a great song, and a nice detour from the more industrial-styled sound we’ve heard this year. Lohrd Snohw continues to defy predictability by diving deeper into the unpredictable. Continuously creating music that excites as much as it confuses, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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