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The Vegan Leather – ‘Who’s Knocking On My Door?’ / New Single

Sometimes it’s good to channel fear into anger and release it into the wild as a big ball of feelings. This is something The Vegan Leather have done on their new single ‘Who’s Knocking On My Door?’. It sees the Scottish band at their heaviest, and it sounds fucking awesome. Seriously. I wish I could produce something like this rather than a dribbling mess of sweat when I get anxious.

‘WKOMD’ is a hectic set of instruments determined to batter the ears with straight up noise. Kicking off with a chainsaw as the perfect intro, The Vegan Leather launch into a flurry of guitars and drums that has the same volatility of Death From Above 1979’s debut album. Yet despite their chaotic nature, the guitars have a groove within them that keeps things flowing nicely. It’s an unexpected but excellent surprise.

While I could continue to rave about the instrumental, it’s the vocal performances of Marie Collins and Gianluca Bernacchi that really push the single into a next-level listen. You can really feel the urgency in their voices as they battle it out. Ripping into one another with lyrics that lace the music with venom. It really makes for an enthralling listen, and the way they come together transforms the chorus into a real anthemic moment.

‘Who’s Knocking On My Door?’ is an unbelievable reintroduction from The Vegan Leather. I first heard of them on the groove-laden ‘French Exit’, but this new single is a beast of its own nature. It is ballsy, frantic and spirals out of control with rage. It’s fantastic.

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