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Colin Magalong – ‘Bodies In A Room’ | Song of the Week

Predictability can be a good thing. I’m a simple man. I see Colin Magalong, I like. This dude has been absolutely killing it since bursting onto the scene back in February, and now looks to form an unholy trilogy of hits with new single ‘Bodies In A Room’. His previous singles – ‘Blossom’ and ‘Melo’ – both receive heavy rotation to my ears to this day and well, the ears are going to be very well acquainted with this song too.

Bringing back his upbeat, tropical vibes, Colin delivers an instrumental that is stacked with funky basslines, wishy washy synthesisers and vocals that immediately stick a hook or two in your head. The chorus snaps into place and provides some impossibly catchy grooves for the hips to slip into, and I love it. ‘Bodies In A Room’ is so good, and this guy can do no wrong.

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