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Spring King knock our socks off with new album | A Better Life

Sometimes I feel as if I live a life where I do not consider the safety of my socks enough. Often I take the fact that socks will remain on my feet all day long, and never once does it clock my mind that a particular record could knock them off. That is foolish, it’s silly, and it’s time to change. In comes Spring King’s A Better Life.

Two years on from their overlooked debut Tell Me If You Like To, Spring King follow up with an album that sees songwriting duties expanded to all four members, creating a record that is filled with bangers and all the necessary equipment required to knock your socks off. Lead single ‘Animal’ sets the tone with a thunderous guitar riff tearing through the airwaves while drums and cymbals collide in the background, properly getting things off to a rip roaring start. ‘Ready For War’ follows suit with an equally powerful set of guitars, and suddenly you’re left to wonder why the debut was ever overlooked in the first place.

‘Let’s Drink’ adds a touch of youthful enthusiasm to the mix with an instrumental that lightens the mood and brings forth some anthemic, coming-of-age choruses to the ears. The pretty twinkling keys provide much-needed variety to the record, and once again Spring King have got themselves a belter of a track. Personal highlight ‘The Hum’ absolutely floods the airwaves with a rush of pummelling guitars and drums and an overwhelming sense of pushing to glory that just sounds so goddamn good.

A Better Life is a fantastic album. Spring King have produced something that comes out guns ablaze and leaves behind a smoking trail of destruction. Each of the tracks feature instrumentals that are beefed with riffs and attitude, and I can’t help but feel I can do anything I please, even without socks.

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