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The Vegan Leather are absolute groove machines on new single ¦ “French Exit”

The Vegan Leather are here to deliver some grooves to your feet with new single “French Exit”. Having already dazzled with a smattering of singles since their inception in 2017, these Scottish groove machines might’ve produced their grooviest track yet. Oh man, anyone else cutting shapes right now? It’s difficult to keep writing.

With a punchy guitar riff that bashes its way into the hips, “French Exit” is a track that does not mess around with it comes to the dancefloor. There’s some serious Franz Ferdinand vibes in the guitars and the vocals, but the male/female vocal dynamic adds an additional layer to the sound that beefs it up to BEHEMOTH levels of LETS DANCE. The subtle noodles of synth provide all the melodies needed to make a steaming hot bowl of YES PLEASE and well; we’re positively loopy over this song.

“French Exit” is a song that’s ridiculously hard to not dance to. Regardless of how you’re feeling, this track is guaranteed to get you feeling like your best self. It slaps and bops like you wouldn’t believe and is just so good. So…good. We need a lie down.

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