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The Criticals’ new single “Just for the Weekend”

The Criticals are maintaining quite the productive pace this year as they release their latest single “Just for the Weekend”. This is the fifth single from the Nashville duo and it is possibly our favourite yet.

“The edges are softer, but somehow still incendiary.” states the band on the new single. “Following the story of two people in a relationship, trying to make it work, but the boundaries are too restrictive.” The restricted emotions certainly push through the instrumental, as rigid guitars try their best to make noise without being too loud. Constricting the volume just enough to maintain the tight, lack-of-oxygen feel of the sound. Lyricism wishing of talking things through sit the nature of the track, further embedding the need to keep things reigned in for fear of admitting the truth. The eventual demise.

Just for the Weekend” is a solid tune from The Criticals that packs traditional Indie guitars with heartfelt lyricism that sound on the edge of becoming heartbroken. It’s catchy, punchy and certainly gutsy trying to stay abstinent for the weekend.

Have a listen to “Just for the Weekend” below and connect with The Criticals on Facebook and Instagram.

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