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The Penny Antics – ‘Nobody Cares’ / Music Video

The Penny Antics have released a music video for their new single ‘Nobody Cares’, which features on their remix album Lockdown Sessions released last year. It showcases their talents in stop-motion animation, which saw the duo win the ‘Best Animated Film’ award at the Harwich Festival of the Arts Film Festival. They are certainly talented bees.

Speaking on the video, sweet boy Lewis says: “The video’s shot entirely stop motion with a touch of green screening and its concept is loosely based on classic video game genres. i.e. Platform games, puzzle games etc.

The concept came to me mostly for my love of the retro video game look and in part due to my excitement for the new console generation. In true video game fashion, I added a little easter egg at the end of the video in the ‘High Score’ section for fans to figure out. I started work on the video on 18/01/2021 and had it finished on 22/01/2021.

Both me and Shane are really looking forward to get gigging again ASAP, but we aren’t afraid of engaging with our audience online either, hence the release of our Lockdown Sessions remix album back in the first lockdown around March time of last year and this music video along with the music video for ‘Dirt’. (Another track from the Lockdown Sessions album.)”

It’s an excellent video for an equally superb track. I like how broken and unstable it sounds, even if it insults my mum throughout, and firmly pushes the boundaries of Punk and Industrial music right into your face. Awesome.

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