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The Lunar Year – ‘Mysterium’ / New Single

Following on from last year’s ‘Chime’ comes ‘Mysterium’, the new single from The Lunar Year. Not only does it feature on the Philly Loves You compilation album but it also seems to float in an endless sense of space too. All this space and sound makes it very easy to be wrapped up in.  

The definition of Mysterium is “Any of various unknown elements thought to make up existing forms of matter, or a substance seen as an elemental or pure form of something else.” This is illustrated wonderfully by this song. Instruments come together to create something that’s everywhere and anywhere all at once. A guitar riff drives into the ears, led by Katie’s vocals and accompanied by subtle synths and percussion that fall away upon collision.

The heavy reverb and flange effects elongate the instrumental. Painting a vast atmosphere and shifting its form into one you can easily fall into. Lyrics detail moments of togetherness and pairs them with metaphors of asteroids, and how fleetingly we can become close with someone and apart the next. Katie’s voice sings the words with a to-the-point notion, with hints of sadness underneath. It brings much needed depth and emotion to the spacious sound, especially as they move past the infrequent beat of drums.  

Listening to The Lunar Year over the years and made me expect to hear music that transports me somewhere. Not just a series of riffs and moods, but an entire landscape to explore. Once again, I get that feeling with ‘Mysterium’. Its minimalist instrumental stretches far more than its parts and takes a form that I could see myself existing within over and over again.

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