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“Moral Fibre”, the hard hitting new single from | Gold Spectacles

“Moral Fibre” is the new single from Gold Spectacles. Since the release of their debut EP Flaws and Visions, this London duo have been on a journey of self-discovery, traversing and exploring numerous experiences that eventually led to them to produce this new single, that not only sounds good but blows Bran Flakes out the water.

The immediate thing to note is the progression of “Moral Fibre”. It’s one of the most naturally flowing sounds we’ve heard in a long time, as it’s given the time to grow from a subdued introduction into a finale that tears through the airwaves. Elements of House music steadily raise their profile throughout, as traditional pulses of synthesiser creep their way into the mix against booming bass tones and percussion. At its peak, the track blooms into a glorious collision of synths and guitars, whilst both members contribute vocals that seem to lead proceedings with a new found defiance that was missing at the beginning.

Gold Spectacles have got themselves a hit with “Moral Fibre”. It’s a very organic single that comes with all sorts of emotions and directions that absolutely need to be explored, and will always go down smooth. What a tune.  

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