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Say hello to Superbird and their new single | “Cola Bottle Fizz”

Any band that kick off their press pack with “In a grim world; a trio of men donning feathered hats, paisley suits, braces & boots have just descended upon a curious landmark called London Town…” is bound to be entertaining. These three paisley suited men are none other than Superbird, and they’re here to deliver their sterling debut single “Cola Bottle Fizz”. It’s also known as “A colourful explosion in your face…” ….oh boy.

Without a care in the world, Superbird introduce themselves to the world with a single that’s full of upbeat vibes, scatty guitars and a chorus worthy of booming out to the masses. Personally we feel there’s little better than the fizz of a cola bottle, and while everything should be taken in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little addicted to this tune. It’s deliciously catchy, and how can you not appreciate a band that rock paisley suits?

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