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Tuxedo / New Single / “Get the Money”

Tuxedo return with new single “Get the Money”. Having already given 2019 some of their Gangster-Funk goodness in the form of latest album Tuxedo III, the duo of Mayor Hawthorne and Jake One weren’t prepared to stay quiet. This single, alongside “Own Thang”, looks to warm the hips with another display of feel good buzz, so you better make a bee-line to the dancefloor.

Much like Tuxedo III, “Get the Money” blends elements of Funk and RnB together to produce an instrumental that’s filled with rhythm and groove. A rigid drum section maintains a solid beat throughout, adding texture to synths that seem to slink into the atmosphere, fluid enough for Hawthorne’s croons to slip through. The inclusion of CeeLo Green builds to the hype around GETTING THAT MOOLAH and it really helps me feel like a gangster, too. This is another Tuxedo song that simply exists to make you feel good, and I definitely feel good right now.

Check out “Get the Money” below and connect with Tuxedo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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