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Ceitidh Mac / New Single – "Window Scene"

“Window Scene” is the new single from Ceitidh Mac. Having established herself as another solid part of the North East music scene last year, Ceitidh now looks to build upon a strong debut year. Having embarked on a few tours, this new single sees Ceitidh return home and celebrate what’s around her.

What grabbed me initially was the instrumentation. Built with a rather unique arsenal of cello, synth and vibraphone, the song offers a sound that’s moody but filled with little melodies that keep it light. The little riff on the synth cuts through the layers with its electronic buzz, the basslines provide warmth to the mix – allowing these original elements to actually come across as quite accessible. I love the way Ceitidh’s vocals act as another instrument throughout, providing extra harmony which really adds to the depth of the song.

“Window Scene” is one of the most original songs I’ve heard this year. It’s a song that keeps your attention, and also solidifies the notion that Ceitidh Mac is going to continue delivering something different to the ears, which is exciting. Listen to “Window Scene” below and check out Ceitidh Mac on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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