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No Hot Ashes – Skint Kids Disco | Release of the Week

Skint Kids Disco is the new EP from No Hot Ashes. I became a fan of the dudes from Stockport after hearing their debut single ‘Goose’ way back in 2014 and am happy to see them still fulfilling their potential today. If you’re into scrappy Math Rock with a hint of groove then I’d definitely get into this.

The title track kicks off the EP with exactly the above: scrappy as heck guitars laying down some seriously funky riffage against some pounding drums and pulsating basslines. It makes for some hugely entertaining listening for sure, and I love the way the band combine the vocals to add a beefier layer of voice to the mix.

‘Eight Till Late’ follows suit with an almost anthem worthy sound, as huge walls of guitars step aside for some Arctic Monkeys-esque melodies while the vocals do their best to add some grit to the mix. The bass once again shines through as it lays down another set of lines worthy of shaking the hips to, and all of the sudden we’re at the close of Skint Kids Disco. But boy, what a way to close. ‘Bad Crowd’ is a complete victory lap of a listen, with hugely memorable instrumentation, vocal hooks that will be stuck in your mind for ages and those strings, ooof.

No Hot Ashes have dropped one of the best EPs of the year here. Skint Kids Disco is a superb EP and one that shows a band seriously committed to creating something original. It’s excellent.

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